The University opens new editions of its ExMOOCs

To date, there have been 25 editions of eight massive open online courses (MOOCs), in which over 20,000 people have enrolled, from different disciplines and countries.

Since 2018, the Digital Educational Innovation Office has supported the University’s different faculties in designing and implementing their courses. Today, after a little over two years, it presents, together with the Economic and Social Communication-Journalism faculties, new editions of courses on market economics and Gabriel García Márquez journalism.

Introduction to Market Economics (2nd Edition)

Language: Spanish

Course starting date:   February 22, 2021

Course duration: 4 weeks

Prior knowledge required: None


The course provides the training elements to learn the basics of how markets work. It is designed for all interested in the subject, especially for those wishing to expand their knowledge of market economics and understand the very essence of the country’s economy’s behavioral dynamics.

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Journalism in Magical Realism (6th Edition)

Language: Spanish

Course starting date:   March 8, 2021

Course duration: 5 weeks

Prior knowledge required: None


From the course author’s voice, this MOOC offers tools to learn about the journalistic work of Gabriel García Márquez – whom we will sometimes call Gabo – and his worldwide influence on the profession.  He is known for the transcendence of his character, technique, and example and for creating journalistic enterprises and the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for the New Ibero-American Journalism (FNPI), of global impact.

We will view the Gabo journalist’s different moments and his foray into different genres, such as the article, the chronicle, the report, the profile, and the interview. We will also hear stories behind some of his most famous works, his conception, and the execution of his projects. Likewise, the course will identify a literary, journalistic text’s characteristics to be enjoyed as a reader or an author.

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