Externadista Virtual Community launches two new MOOCs

A MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is a free online learning space with open access via the web.

We invite all interested to learn the details:

Name: Economic Criminology

Language in which it is imparted: Spanish

Platform: Miriadax

Professor: Juan Manuel Guerrero, Dean, Public Accounting Faculty

Course start date: February 4, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Description: The course seeks to discuss, with participants, the recent evolution of a new field of knowledge that has been growing, worldwide, in the area of prevention and investigation of economic crimes. Given the global and local problems in light of the challenges the country faces in the post-conflict, it offers a viable alternative to the training of Colombian professionals interested in effective solutions for global society.

Content: 4 modules –

Module 1: Basic concepts and current context of economic crimes

Module 2: Economic crime prevention

Module 3: Investigation of economic crimes

Module 4: The trial

Prior knowledge required: none

Second MOOC

Name: Internet governance

Language in which it is imparted: Spanish

Platform: Miriadax

Professors: Paola Beatriz Cardozo Solano

Andrés Felipe Contreras Poveda

Gissel Andrea Tabares Ramírez

Adriana Castro Pinzón

Course start date: February 18, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Course description:

The MOOC methodology is based on contents appropriation through 16 videos, of approximately 8 minutes each. The participant will be invited to check links and carry out formative assessments to reinforce learning. To make the grade, the student must pass the summative assessments.

At the end of the course, the participant will have the necessary knowledge on Internet Governance to get involved, apply, and contribute to local, regional, or global scenarios.

Course content: 4 modules

Module 1: Information society and multi-stakeholder model

Module 2: Connectivity, appropriation, and Internet accessibility

Module 3: Protection of human rights and vulnerable populations in the digital environment

Module 4: Internet governance challenges at the local level

Prior knowledge required: none