Education innovation and technology in 2020

In 2020, the Digital Educational Innovation Office directed all its efforts and human talent towards supporting professors and students of the different faculties to guarantee the continuation, within the best conditions, of their teaching and learning activities. These were some of the initiatives and results achieved this year.

We all had to adapt to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of a changing world that required a different way of doing things. Working together, deans, directors, professors, students, and administrative staff, we managed to pass this test. From the Digital Educational Innovation Office, we support the institutional strategy through the following initiatives.

Important numbers in 2020 

We renew ourselves to continue growing!

The Virtual Education Center changed its name to reflect the challenges posed in 2020 and assume those of years to come. This is how the Digital Educational Innovation Office was born to accompany the Externado de Colombia University to design and implement strategies in using ICTs as transformation enhancers in the different academic functions.

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Professors’ training in the implementation of ICT information and communications technologies in their classes

In 2020, 272 events were developed, comprising courses, workshops, micro-workshops, videoconferences, information sessions, and chats to promote the Digital Teaching Route’s five competencies. These spaces were created in the regular monthly programming and the second edition of the Externado e-Learning event.

The topics addressed were varied – from Zoom’s technical and methodological aspects to the inclusion of new methodologies and evaluative practices in digital environments. The more than 5,000 participants were trained in ICT and assessment strategies and instruments, teaching methods such as cases, problems, and projects, inverted learning or flipped learning, tutoring in virtual learning environments, and e-moderation and resource production tools, such as Canva, Genially, and Animoto, among others.

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Issuance of digital badges to certify training

Digital badges are obtained by all Externado professors completing the training strategies and the three levels of the Digital Teaching Route’s different competencies. These are graphically striking electronic certifications professors can share in their various social networks to show the knowledge and skills they have achieved. So far, 977 professors have received 2,587 digital badges.

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Creation of the Media and Digital Educational Resources Laboratory

The Digital Educational Innovation Office created this web space so Externadista professors can strengthen their competence in digital educational resources production. In this virtual environment, teachers can check recommendations, obtain practical advice, and access tools to create videos, infographics, presentations, and podcasts, among other digital format educational resources.

As a result of this effort, professors have access to tools such as Genially, Canva, Kahoot, Mindmeister, etc.

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Launching of Digital Zone

As a result of a joint effort, Zona Digital was launched. It is a virtual space for all Externadistas to be more connected and live the university experience in an alternative setting, increasingly enriched every day. Here, the visitor can attend the Events Department’s massive events in virtual auditoriums. One can also access the Externadista Information and Solutions Center services – CISE – and enjoy all the University Well-Being Department amenities.

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Publication of our digital journal

In the second half of this year, we launched three volumes of Externado e-Learning. It is a digital publication seeking to disseminate the University’s position regarding the use of digital platforms, tools, surroundings, and environments for education, aiming to promote innovation to achieve a renewed educational practice in all modes.

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 How we imagine 2021

We imagine 2021 as a year to continue making the University’s academic programs more flexible, taking advantage of face-to-face and virtual education’s complementary elements. Also, in 2021 we will seek to strengthen institutional repositories of digital educational resources produced by professors and students.

In the faculties, we will implement strategies to promote educational innovation projects and systematize these experiences to strengthen academic research. Lastly, we will design systems to enhance students’ digital skills and seek to position the University in international platforms for technology-mediated education.

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