Phil Stoneman

Coordinador de inglés

Born in Sheffield in the north of England, Phil Stoneman went to the University of Stirling in Scotland where he obtained a BA in Film and Media Studies and an MPhil in Publishing Studies. He has also completed the postgraduate diploma in English Language Teaching (the DELTA) through Cambridge University.

He has lived in Bogotá since April 2004. During that time, he has taught English and been the head of the English department at the Pureza de María School, taught English Literature at Universidad Nacional, and has been teaching English at Universidad Externado de Colombia since July 2006.

His current duties at the Externado include running the FIGRI English Area website, social media and magazine, as well as designing materials and helping both students and teachers.

Phil is very keen on world languages, and as well as being a fluent Spanish speaker, holds the level 5 certificate for the JLPT Japanese exam. When not working, Phil enjoys a range of activities, including doing exercise, using technology, reading, drawing, and playing the guitar.

He also works with the British Council, and has worked extensively with Colombia’s leading English-language newspaper, the Bogotá Post, as well as being involved with many other projects based around education, media and culture.