Career guidance: Employability workshops – Résumé, interview, LinkedIn, job search strategies

In 2019, the Externado Alumni Office and the Alumni Association offer graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the process of seeking employment or wishing to make a career change, an opportunity to attend a monthly workshop focusing on the main aspects to be assertive in this endeavor.

Are you looking for work? Is your job what you wanted? Does your résumé stand out among the hundreds companies receive? Does your LinkedIn professional profile make an impact? Are you prepared for an interview? Are you familiar with the new formats? Do you have a useful contacts network? Do you know how to perform an effective search?

This program, designed in a workshop format, consists of four (4) hours sessions, from 2 to 6 pm, on the following dates:

* March 20

* April 24

* May 22

* June 19

* July 24

* August 21

* October 23

The following topics will be addressed at each workshop; please note you must have the required materials to participate:

1. Résumé: The first step to achieving good results in selection processes is to design a curriculum according to the job requirements but also, reflecting personal and professional goals. The latter plays an important role as you must be able to develop a presentation summarizing the profile, training, and experience with great impact.

We recommend bringing a hard copy of your résumé for review and development

2. Interview: After the first step, usually, during the interview, the candidate should indicate who he is. Preparation is important; some typical questions are considered, and also some pro forma responses. This module is intended to bring out clichés, glib or modeled responses, as well as attitudes hindering the use of this space to highlight the interviewee’s skills and competencies.

A mock interview will be held with those attending the workshop

3. LinkedIn: Is the most important professional network and, thus, a key tool in job searching. Therefore, good profiles are essential to making yourself known and interact with other professionals. The workshop will define the goal of being in the network and the 10 key points to keep in mind.

Profile photos will be taken from 1:00 to 2:00 pm, at the terrace, Building I

4. Job search strategies: Before beginning the search for employment, a personal analysis must be made, as well as learning about the labor market, and defining professional goals. A guide, helping to define a personal strategy, will be distributed to each attendee.

It is recommended to prepare a one-paragraph text including the three points described above

The workshops will be directed by CESAR ESCOBAR, Job Coach and Coordinator of the Finance, Government and International Relations Employability Program. He is an Education PhD candidate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and holds a Master’s in Education Research from the same university. Also, he has an MBA from the los Andes University and is a Finance and International Relations graduate from the Externado de Colombia University.

He is also a professor, lecturer, and consultant in career design, job search tools and strategies, and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and Manager of “48 días Colombia,” since 2010.


In order to participate, registration must be completed at If unable to attend, please cancel registration at least eight (8) hours in advance

The photo shoot will be at the terrace, Building I, between 1 pm and 2 pm, before the beginning of the workshop.


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