Passions, vices, and virtues

The Externado Philosophy Program and the Library the invite the entire academic community to participate in the free extension course "Passions, vices, and virtues" - Pavivir -.

The course has the goal to encourage critical reflection on the troubling nature of human affections and their influence on ethical, political, and aesthetic practices of our time.

This semester, the general theme will be “Equality, for what?”

The programming is coupled with the “II Competition of Reflective Creativity for Young People,” which will hold its awards ceremony on May 19, 2017, within the framework of the “Philosophy Day at the Externado” celebration.

The meeting is held in Room 2 of the University Library, every Wednesday in April and May, at 12:15 to 1:30 pm.


April 2017

Wednesday, April 5

“The origins of shared intentionality: from domination to equality.”
Alejandro Rosas – Professor, Philosophy Department, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Wednesday, April 19

“Values, violence and gender equality: an analysis of the World Values Survey.”
Andrea Ramírez – Director of the Corpovisionarios Observatory. Master’s in Political Science, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Wednesday, March 26

Ecoaldeas, assentamentos and agrarian reform in Brazil: a multimedia qualitative research” Javier Guillot – Coordinator of the Public Innovation Team, National Planning Department. Co-founder, Onda

May 2017

Wednesday, May 3

‘When black is beautiful’: aesthetics and politics in the Montes de Maria.”
Adelaida Barrera – Corpovisionarios researcher, Master’s in Philosophy, Universidad de los Andes

Wednesday, May 10

“Equality, conflict and peoples’ wisdom: on the ideas of Rancière to Aristotle.”
Karen Fajardo and Juan Pablo Bermúdez – Externado de Colombia Philosophy Program

Wednesday, May 17

“Techno – equality or the creation of ‘genre’ and equality.”
Diego Vallejo – Philosopher and Anthropologist, Externado de Colombia Social and Human Sciences Faculty

Free admission