Gonzalo Cataño, recognized as Emeritus Researcher by COLCIENCIAS

Gonzalo Cataño was recognized for his research, analysis, essays, and books published during his years of professional work.

On April 18, 2018, the Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation (COLCIENCIAS) awarded Externado de Colombia Professor Gonzalo Cataño the recognition Emeritus Researcher, within the process of Call 781 of 2017. “This recognition honors his contribution and academic and research trajectory, which has been crucial to the strengthening of COLCIENCIAS,” cites the document.

Gonzalo Cataño has dedicated his life to the study of Sociology. He graduated in this science in the 1960s from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and then pursued a Master’s in Sociology of Education at the University of Stanford. He holds a PhD in Legal Sociology from the Externado de Colombia University. “All my life, my work has been related to Sociology of Education; Also, I am responsible for the edition of the complete works of Jorge Isaacs and Baldomero Sanín Caro,” he added.

The recognition awarded by COLCIENCIAS is one of the highest awarded by the governing entity of science, technology, and research policies in Colombia. Their publications and research projects requirements are extremely demanding.

“I have always published more than two essays per year; in the last two years, two books were published by the Externado, and this convinced COLCIENCIAS to award me this honor,” said the Professor.

The works he referred to are the two volumes of “La introducción del pensamiento moderno en Colombia” (The introduction of modern thinking in Colombia), a sharp intellectual history work, covering the fields of Social Sciences, Law and Philosophy. Also, Cataño has studied the life and works of jurist, historian, and philosopher Luis E. Nieto Arteta, where he explores the reception of Marxism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Law, economic and social history, and the innovations in Civil and Criminal Law. The Professor pointed out national and international scholars have reviewed the book and quoted in several works, reason contributing to his award.

Cataño has also dedicated his life to researching the differences between natural and social sciences.