Externadista excels in the Fintech industry in Mexico and the Latin American region

Ricardo Pedraza graduated from the School of Business Administration of our University in 2013 and currently works as Sales Manager in the American Fintech 'Tribal Credit', leading its expansion for Mexico and Latin America.

Since he began his undergraduate studies at the Externado, Ricardo showed that he would be a professional willing to take on great challenges; he obtained an outstanding performance during his studies in the School of Business Administration and had the opportunity to be part of the monitoring program in his last semesters of study.

Once he finished his undergraduate degree, Ricardo began a career focused on the commercial area, being part of flagship startups, such as ‘Groupon’, where he took on important challenges for his career that led him to lead commercial teams in Colombia, Peru and later in Mexico, a country that, in recent years, has had an accelerated economic growth and today is the main focus for startups worldwide.

While in Mexico and always in search of great challenges, Ricardo became part of the Colombian startup ‘Rappi’, where he served as Regional Enterprise Growth Manager, an experience that he considers as one of the most important for his professional career considering, as he describes it, that “Rappi is a live master where you are learning 24/7”.

His apprenticeship at Rappi allowed him to take on the challenge of leading the opening in Mexico of ‘Moova’, one of the most recognized “last mile” startups in Argentina and the region. “I was the first hire in the commercial area and this made it an incredible experience, I closed the first customers and I myself made the first deliveries of the products to the end customers, I went out on the street to recruit couriers and convince them to work with us. This is the versatility that working in this type of company gives you, always with a very clear objective in mind, to take things to the next level.”

Today Ricardo is Sales Manager for Mexico at ‘Tribal Credit’, a fintech specialized in providing payment options to startups, where he is leading the expansion process to Colombia, Chile and Peru, among other countries. For this, he must be in constant communication with all areas and teams of the company located in the United States, Middle East, Mexico and Cairo (Egypt).

About the University, and especially its Faculty, the graduate affirms that it was thanks to the motivation, talent and knowledge he received from all his teachers during his studies, that he has been able to achieve each of the goals he has set for himself: “since I entered the University, I understood that the discipline they instilled in us and the fact of having clear objectives, was going to be one of the most important keys for my professional career and personal life”.

Ricardo says he wants to stay longer in Mexico and take advantage of the “boom” that startups are having in this country, he would like to do an MBA and he will always be open to new opportunities and challenges in his life.

“It has always been a dream of mine to one day return to the University and my faculty, to go back to the classrooms, but this time as a teacher, transmitting all the knowledge I have been able to acquire in my career and to be able to support the new generations in their learning process and personal growth.”

From Universidad Externado de Colombia, especially the Alumni Office and the School of Business Administration, we wish Ricardo much success in all the projects he undertakes and we appreciate the love and respect he has for his House of Studies.