Presentation of the research work “ICT and Digital Society. Twelve years after the Law”

Fecha: 24 of november of 2021

Hora: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Lugar: Auditorium 3 of Building I, Digital Zone and Zoom Platform

The Department of Telecommunications Law of the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the Council of State invite you to participate in this academic event.

The two volumes that make up the work, the first entitled ‘ICT and Telecommunications and Competition Law‘ and the second ‘Digital Ecosystem in its various developments and disruptive technologies’, have as initial objective to analyze the new regulatory framework and the reforms introduced with Law 1978 of 2019 to the telecommunications sector. But also, to study the competition law in the ICT sector, as well as the new challenges that the digital society and disruptive technologies pose to society and administrative law in Colombia.

In order to develop these topics, we had the direct collaboration of the Council of State, through its Chamber of Consultation and Civil Service, its counselors and recognized national authors and professors specialized in the activities of ICT law and administrative law. The content of the articles is enriched with their experience and knowledge of the reforms and the challenges arising from the new digital ecosystem, while at the same time they propose some recommendations and solutions to the difficulties, in order to guarantee, for the benefit of society, the development of the platforms that support it, and at the same time the inherent rights, especially the right to competition, the protection of users and the fundamental and digital rights that seem to be glimpsed in this new technological world.

The event will be attended by the President of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Hernando Parra Nieto; the Minister of Information Technology and Communications, Carmen Ligia Valderrama Rojas; the president of the Council of State, Martha Nubia Velásquez Rico, and the president of the Civil Service and Consultation Chamber, Oscar Darío Amaya Navas.

It is noteworthy that the event will feature a keynote lecture by Professor Emeritus of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Tomás de la Quadra Salcedo Fernández del Castillo, entitled ‘Rights in the digital society: Subjective vision and institutional vision’, where the evolution of human rights and new protection mechanisms in the digital age will be presented; and a discussion entitled ‘A review of digital rights in the Constitution of 1991’, where an analysis of the charter of digital rights in Spain and, if necessary, an update of the catalog of rights recognized in the Constitution of 1991, on its thirtieth anniversary of its issuance will be made.

This discussion will be moderated by the former President of the Council of State, Álvaro Namén Vargas; Carolina Botero, Director of the Karisma Foundation; María Lorena Flórez, Professor of GECTI of the Universidad de Los Andes, and Borja Adsuara Varela, Co-author of the Charter of Digital Rights of Spain.

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