Externadista, Ricardo Ochoa, Forms Part of the National Handover Commission

Mr. Ochoa holds a Master’s degree in State Law with an emphasis on Regulation and Management of Telecommunications, of the Telecommunications Law Department from our alma mater.

Nine Externadistas form part of the Government commission responsible for the handover of the Information and Communications Technology sector. They will make recommendations on issues related to this Ministerial Department.

“As an Externadista, I consider it important to value the diverse views and opinions to take forward the handover. This is so that a diagnosis and an evaluation can be conducted objectively, completely focused on the future, to determine what is bad, and not repeat it; and to value the good. The aim is to, where possible, propose continuity to the policies that have had good results and that have allowed progress in the connectivity and ownership of ICT in Colombia,” affirmed Ricardo Ochoa.

On behalf of Universidad Externado de Colombia, we send our best wishes to our Externadistas who make up the handover commission.