2019 GeoRaizAL Conference: Interdisciplinarity and applied geography

Date: 12 de march de 2019

Heure: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Lieu: Planetario de Bogotá

The GeoRaizAL Conference is a discussion scenario promoted by the Red de Geografía Crítica de Raíz Latinoamericana (Latin-American Root Critical Geography Network), aiming to encourage geographical research, from critical and decolonial perspectives.

Also, GeoRaizAL questions the production of knowledge from our reality, as Latin Americans, to reach recognition of our peoples’ geographies.

On this occasion, the Conference will center on the discussion of disciplinary intersections in geography and other fields of knowledge, necessary to answer, from the Academia, the current local, regional, and global reality demands.

It also seeks to address all territorial dimensions (exchanges, control, dependence, conflicts, mobilization, and cooperation on projects and resources), allowing to understand space as a geopolitical framework necessary to be learned by social subjects in educational institutions.

The cardinal point of the seminar on Geography and Education is to identify the potential and the challenges when working together, professionals from both fields, to close the gaps in existing knowledge between higher-education geography, school geography, geographical institutions, and the spatial knowledge in everyday life of socio-territorial organizations