Call opens for Unesco Chair researchers

The call is directed to researchers, or research groups wishing to contribute rigorous projects on the restoration of social ties.

The Externado de Colombia University Unesco Chair “Human Rights and Violence: Government and Governance,” invites researchers interested in the subject “Forced displacement, rupture of social ties, and construction of public policies, from the bottom.”

The call is directed to, researchers, or research groups (backed by their faculties or universities) who, from different disciplines and approaches, wish to contribute rigorous work on the restoration of social ties broken by internal forced displacement, and the construction of public policy recommendations highlighting the capabilities and initiatives of communities in different territories of the country.


· Submit a research project (hard or electronic copy) on the subject of the call, conforming to the minimum requirements for the presentation of a research project, and establish the methodology to be used.

· Summary of individual or group’s curriculum vitae

Planned activities:

· The Unesco Chair reserves a space in its book “Resultado de Investigación” (according to Colciencias) for researchers involved in this project, so they may write a research chapter which, if published, will become part of the Lac Group of the corresponding Faculty or Department.

· A space for presentation of the results at the Unesco Chair National Congress- 2019: October 10, 2019

· Three meetings during the year: Unesco Chair initiation, dissemination of research progress, and conclusion of the Unesco Chair.


· Project delivery: March 11, 2019

· Project evaluation: March 12, 2019

· Posting of entries selected: March 13, 2019

· Starting date (working breakfast): March 15, 2019, 8:00 am, Casa Externadista