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ZonaTIC, a space for exchange of ideas among professors

The Externado Virtual Education Center offers the teaching staff a new tool to learn and update knowledge on the use of ICTs in academic work and invites all to join the initiative.

Current updating on the use of virtual tools, as well as the continuous effort to dynamically present educational contents, are skills the 21st-century teacher must work on and strengthen, so their educational work is in line with the present-day information scene.  

From this perspective, the Virtual Education Center (CEV) presents the ZonaTIC virtual community, a learning space aiming to energize and place on the table reflections on the use of technology in the teaching practice. Also, the ZonaTIC community can be considered as a support source, developed by the CEV, so professors can continue integrating technology into their educational work.

With information exchange spaces – such as discussion forums – members of this learning community will build, collectively, knowledge relating to the latest trends in the design and implementation of strategies and the use of information and communication technologies in the classroom.

The most relevant dynamics in this networking space include polls, surveys, a periodic publication of scholarly articles on topics related to educational technology, and programming of face-to-face meetings, among others.

If you, as an Externado Professor, would like to have further information on this tool, please send an email to paula.valencia@uexternado.edu.co requesting a link to the community.