Experience the Externadista University days

Our House of Studies invites you to live a few special days. High school students will have the opportunity to learn and experience university life at the Externado de Colombia University.

Rector Juan Carlos Henao will greet students from different educational institutions throughout the country. He will offer them a warm welcome and talk about the Externado’s ideological profile and its importance in the national and international educational context.

At that same event, participants will obtain advice from three guests, experts in vocational guidance, to assist in making the best professional career decision through “Life Design, the discovery of vocation, and internationalization.” Additionally, they will learn about our graduates’ experiences and the more than 50 University Well-Being activities available to our students.

Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Time: 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Place: Virtual – via zoom


Likewise, from April 13 to 23, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, our guests will be able to experience the Externadista University Day on the career of their interest, with talks and workshops that will help them in selecting the beginning of their professional life.


April de 2021

4:00 p.m a 6:00 p.m


Monday 12 Tuesday 13 Wednesday 14 Thursday 15 Friday 16
Management Administration

The strategist’s mind

Tourism and Hotel Business Administration

Amazing Race
World, tourism, and experiences


Lessons and experiences of being a Lawyer

Anthropology: Putting Yourself in Others’ Shoes: Understanding Diverse Worlds
 Myths and Realities of Studying Philosophy
 The Interdisciplinary Character of Geography
 Why History?
 Once Upon a Time: Listen, Understand and Transform (yourself)
 «Crisis and transformations in contemporary societies: What does sociology contribute? »
Social Work:
 «My work is social»


Monday 19 Tuesday 20 Wednesday 21 Thursday 22 Friday 23

Games: Strategic Decisions from Economics
Finance and International Relations

Government and International Relations


Social Communication – Journalism

Noti Externadista


Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage

Archeology and Restoration: Transform your present from Cultural Heritage

Public accounting

The Public Accountant as a protagonist in the business transformation in today’s world

Lastly, to close the week of Externadista activities, on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at 9:00 am, we invite parents, students, and counselors to the Chat – Virtual Workshop: “Accompanying our children to play assertively in the field of life.” There, we will share a series of tools helpful in making decisions on the future high school graduates’ life project, especially regarding their professional career choice and the university where they wish to study.