Externadista Solidarity: discounts and benefits for the second semester of 2021

At a meeting on April 8, 2021, the University Board of Directors determined to extend once again the financial assistance and benefits offered to students April 30, 2020 (extended on two occasions) to face the impact of the health crisis on our community considering difficult circumstances persist.

In this way, the Externado de Colombia reiterates the spirit of solidarity with its students, maintained throughout its 135-year history.

The offer will apply exclusively to students who enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs for the second semester of 2021.

Registration Fee Discount

The Council decided to “grant all undergraduate and graduate students a 14% discount on the tuition cost of programs beginning activities in the second semester of 2021. There must be an express request under oath to obtain the discount, where the need is summarily justified in writing. This discount cannot be combined with other tuition discounts already granted by the University. The Finance Department will establish the procedure for requesting the discount.”

Tuition Payment Deadline

Likewise, the Council determined to “grant undergraduate and graduate students the option of paying the tuition cost in installments, as follows:

(i) An initial payment of 50% of the cost until the date established in the registration order for timely payment.

(ii) Five (5) installments, equal and successive, for the remaining 50%, payable until the 30th of the corresponding month, starting August 2021, according to the duration of the program. The five payments are interest-free. In case of default, the legal default interest must be paid. The debtor must sign a promissory note together with a co-signer accepted by the University.

(iii) For graduate students, in addition to the provisions of paragraphs (i) and (ii) above, the number of payments will be made in proportion to the duration of the program cycle beginning in the second semester of 2021, without exceeding the cycle’s term.”

This benefit is in addition to the 14% discount and is not compatible with the 5% prompt payment discount.”

Other benefits

The University’s Board of Directors also determined to maintain all the other benefits established in the Resolutions of April 30 and November 3, 2020, namely:

(i) Exemption from registration fee payment for programs that begin in the second semester of 2021;

(ii) 5% discount for timely and complete payment of the total tuition cost.

(iii) 25% discount on graduation fees paid during the second semester of 2021.

(iv) Grant 200 Externado credit scholarships for the second semester of 2021 for new students and 75 for current students.

(v) Continuation of the lunch program for the vulnerable population.”