Undergraduate students may participate in University academic events without incurring class absentee mark!

Beginning this semester, undergraduate students may attend academic events held by any Faculty. Learn the advantages and conditions of this new benefit.

To take advantage of the wide range of academic events organized by the different University faculties, undergraduate students may now attend an event that is of special interest to them, regardless of their field of study.

In effect, starting this semester, every student may attend academic events of their choice (conference, forum, seminar), for up to four hours during the semester, taken at one time or split, without incurring an absentee mark in the class missed.

The initiative aims to encourage students’ multidisciplinary interest and stimulate intellectual curiosity, necessary in any learning process, as well as consolidate integration among the different University academic units.

To attend an event, a registration icon will appear in each article of the Events section of the University website.

Students are encouraged to visit the portal often, as it is permanently reporting and updating news on the events organized by the University.


1. Must be events organized by the University and held at the Externado.

2. To attend, advance registration must be completed at the University website.

3. The possibility of attending an event depends on space availability, which will be confirmed at the time of registration.

4. When entering, and at the end of the event, each student must sign the form prepared for that purpose. This form will be the only one valid to be excused from class attendance.

5. For events having registration costs, the respective academic unit, at their discretion, will offer spaces for each conference of the event.

6. Attendance to some of these spaces will not excuse the presentation of works, exhibits, exams, or any evaluation previously scheduled.