Ministry of Education awarded recognition to Externado University students for their high scores on the SaberPro tests

Externadistas awarded recognition for obtaining one of the highest scores, at the national level, in the SaberPro tests in 2017. In their honor, the Rectory held a celebratory ceremony with the parents.

The honorees are Ana Milena Blanco Pinzón, Social Communication – Journalism Faculty graduate; Irit Milkes, Law Faculty graduate, and Finance, Government and International Relations student, Santiago Zafra.

The award was presented to the alumni’s parents August 5, 2019, in a ceremony at the Externado University Rectory. Attending the event were Rector Juan Carlos Henao; Luz Amalia Camacho, Social Communication – Journalism Faculty Dean; Adriana Zapata, Law Faculty Dean; and Roberto Hinestrosa, Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty Dean.

Ana Milena Blanco Pinzón and Irit Milkes are graduates from our House of Studies, while Santiago Zafra is performing his professional internships.

Referring to the ceremony, Ana Milena Blanco stated, from Bordeaux, France, “For me, it is a great honor. I never thought my test would be the best; it was a big surprise. However, this recognition is not just for me; it is also for my family, friends, and professors of the Communication Faculty, who have always supported me in everything.”

The University warmly congratulates our graduates and their families.