Information, the sustenance of University quality
Professors and students: Make a difference with your contribution!

Information that all of you, Externado teachers, and students, provide to the University Measurement Project, will allow the University to consolidate the most powerful tool, the basis for the continuous pursuit of excellence.

What is the University Measurement Project?

Each semester, the University reports educational information to the Ministry of National Education and other external agencies. However, so far, our system only has 9% of the requested data.

For this reason, the Faculties must assume the task of making this compilation, either manually or using their information systems. Subsequently, support units (Human Resources, Academic Records, and University Well-Being, among others) will consolidate the data for submission to the different entities.

The University Measurement Project aims to build an information system allowing consolidating information on the academic and administrative processes of THE UNIVERSITY and all related variables. Thus, facilitating the monitoring, control, and continuous improvement of the institution and, at the same time, generate the reports required by external entities.

Why is the University Measurement Project important?

  • Good indicators are supported by solid and reliable data, giving a true account of the efforts to improve the University‘s educational quality.
  • The projected information system will reduce data collection time, taking it in real time, improving its reliability; preparing analyses supporting internal decision-making, as well as support institutional accreditation processes, programs, and faculties.
  • The process will help with the renewal of institutional accreditation, which will need solid data for the creation of reliable indicators.
  • In the future, professors, students, and the community, in general, may access data relevant to the academic community and society. The different University processes will become increasingly visible.
  • A consolidated system data will offer greater national and international visibility, as well as better participation conditions in international rankings.

Important dates for this process

Data Update: October 2 to November 11, 2017