Become part of the world’s largest youth organization

The AIESEC in Colombia is in the process of selecting Externadistas seeking professional development through leadership experiences in volunteer activities.

Being a member of AIESEC (International Association of Economic and Commercial Sciences Students) means being part of a global community of young leaders, giving members immediate responsibilities so they can learn by actions, and also experience success and failure.

The Externadista community is invited to be part of the organization and work on various projects oriented towards:

Marketing: With skills in creativity, design, content creation, communication, and teamwork.

Sales: With communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and teamwork.

Operations: With skills and abilities to solve problems and work as a team.

To date, AIESEC has provided more than 480,000 volunteer experiences and professional practices led by young people aiming to make the world a better place.

If interested in being part of the Organization, click here.