World Cup fever?

The Alumni Association is organizing the "IV Alumni Men’s Soccer Tournament - 2018"- to be played at the Externado.

As the long-awaited 2018 Soccer World Cup Russia draws nearer, a scenario that arouses great interest in this popular sport and unites all Colombians, the Alumni Association has organized the “IV Alumni Men’s Soccer Tournament – 2018” with support from the University Well-Being Department.

This activity aims to promote sportsmanship among our alumni, encourage reunion, and strengthen Externadista ties through spaces conducive for this purpose.

The “IV Alumni Men’s Soccer Tournament – 2018” begins July 15, 2018, at the University El Alcazar Sports Site.

All Association members are invited to participate and thus, repeat the enjoyable experience of previous years’ tournaments which reflected interaction and the efforts by players belonging to the University different faculties and programs, in a supportive, respectful, and congenial environment.

If interested in learning about, or participating in the tournament, we recommend reading the following instructions containing detailed information.

Who can participate:

  • Externado of Colombia University graduates, of undergraduate or graduate programs, and at least 18 years of age.
  • Current Alumni Association members, as shown on the id document issued by the Association.

Dates to be taken into account – Year 2018:

  • June 17 – Deadline for teams and delegates registration
  • June 24 – Deadline for players registration and fee payment
  • June 27 – 7:00 am – Breakfast and technical meeting with delegates at the Casa Externadista
  • June 28 – Deadline for team changes and registration of additional players
  • June 29 – Deadline for delegates submission of required documentation to the Alumni Association Office
  • July 15 – Tournament begins
  • September 9 – Championship match and awards ceremony

Participation Requirements: 

  • Form a team of maximum 22 (twenty-two) players.
  • Choose a name and assign shirt colors.
  • Understand and accept a commitment document stating knowledge of the tournament rules and regulations.
  • Pay the $900,000 (Nine hundred thousand pesos), per team, registration fee, either electronically or at the University Cashier’s Office.
  • Appoint a primary and an alternate delegate, who will act as representatives and managers of each team. All communications will be delivered to the delegate, who, in turn, will relay them to the team.
  • Participate in the technical meeting, which is the briefing attended by delegates and committees.
  • Show your Alumni Association ID at every event.

Documentation that must be submitted:

  • ID card issued by the Alumni Association
  • Photocopy of the “cédula” (ID card)
  • Current EPS membership certification
  • Completed and signed commitment certificate
  • Registration form filled out, together with the required attachments
  • Signed Acceptance of the Regulations of the “IV Alumni Men’s Soccer Tournament – 2018”

We recommend reading the following documents which require approval by all participating players:  1) Tournament Regulations; 2) Delegate responsibilities