“At the Externado, we educate your children in pluralism and tolerance”

Rector Juan Carlos Henao, accompanied by the Deans of the various Externado Faculties, welcomed the parents of students beginning their university experience this semester.

With warm words and an account of what makes the Externado de Colombia University stand out, Rector Juan Carlos Henao welcomed the hundreds of parents who, like their children, begin a new stage of their lives: “you are rookies, just like your children,” he said, among laughter from the audience.

The Rector urged parents to be proud and satisfied of knowing their children are attending one of the best universities in the country; in fact, the third in Colombia, according to the British firm Q.S annual ranking, based on strict criteria.

“We have, also, an eight-year accreditation and are working towards obtaining one for ten years so we can continue being one of the best universities in the country,” noted Rector Juan Carlos Henao.

In the same vein, Henao highlighted the high-quality of each of the ten faculties and the 17 programs offered by our House of Studies.  He added that students’ training is based on pluralism, tolerance, and the free-thinking principle characterizing the Externado since its inception, February 15, 1886.

“We were the first free-thinking University, where all social classes and ideologies were accepted. While other educational institutions did not teach French because religion prohibited it, the Externado did,” he added.

Education for life

The Externado de Colombia University currently has a total of over 15,000 students; 6,545 undergraduate and 9,151 postgraduate. The University has a presence in 12 cities across the country and offers 225 programs of different nature.

“When one’s child is studying at the Externado, we feel proud, as we know they are at one of the best universities,” said the Rector after reporting the figures supporting his statement.

The Rector pointed out to parents that from now on, the University is their children’s second home, and offered them some piece of mind when informing them of the University’s security policies. He stressed, however, that the Externado is the only completely open university in the country. “We want always to be connected to society, we cannot form good professionals without knowing the reality that surrounds us,” he said.

Also, he emphasized that the essence of the Externado education is to simultaneously educate good professionals and mold good citizens.

Henao also told parents the Externado has the best infrastructure for their children: 117,000 square meters, of which 5,154 are gardens, 4,818 are plazas and paths, and two new buildings on Avenida Circunvalar, with an area of more than 48,000 square meters, equipped with cutting-edge technology for Externadistas’ academic development.

“Rest assured, your children are going to be trained in a place with excellent infrastructure and by professors who will deliver happy people and, especially, good men and women,’ he added.

Training people for the future

To date, the Externado de Colombia University has over 100 international agreements with higher education institutions in Europe, United States, Latin America, and Asia.

In addition to all the above, students of all 10 Faculties can participate in various activities, those organized by the University Well-Being Department, as well as entrepreneurship programs.

“Our graduates have an employability rate of 91%,” said Henao, and also urged parents to encourage their children to begin, while studying at the University, to find opportunities to excel in their professional lives.

The meeting ended with questions from the parents and a poignant video, prepared by first-semester students, thanking parents for their efforts enabling them to study at a University such as the Externado de Colombia.

During the encounter, the Faculty Deans met with the parents of first-time students to resolve doubts and concerns on this new stage of their children’s life.