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The Volunteer Program that brings together people from the Externado and the Egypt District

The Conocer Dejando Huella (Learning while leaving a mark) project brings University people closer to the Egypt District community.

Volunteer students come from all our University programs. This semester, after training and designing projects, the students went to the District to talk about them with the residents who attend the Egypt District Library, located in the north wing of the church of the same name.

The case of José Ricardo Díaz Ardila, a tenth-semester Tourism and Hotel Business Administration student, demonstrates how enriching the experience is. Not only do the students share their time with the children who come to the library every day, but the volunteers “amazingly learn from them,” says the student.

During his work, José Díaz met “valuable people from other professional fields,” and developed soft skills he did not even know existed. Hence, the student recommends taking an active part in the program because it “impacts lives.”

For his part, Juan Felipe Moncada, a Social and Human Sciences Faculty Sociology student, believes that “in the free space of the Egypt Library, the student explores his potentialities and skills in a world of creativity, great imagination, and millions of smiles.”

The Sociology student, a member of the group working with the children on Tuesdays, states the boys and girls of the Egypt District are an inspiration to believe it is possible to transform reality. Juan Felipe states: “Conocer Dejando Huella” is our bridge between the ‘glass bubble’ that is the Externado and the Egypt District that is just crossing one road.”

In addition to these two Conocer Dejando Huella experiences, are those of 14 other students who, this second semester, have been part of the project coordinated by the Library and the Education and the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculties, supported by the Social and Human Sciences Faculty and its Egypt District Library Monitoring Program.

For the second time in the program, volunteers will receive a certification of this solidarity practice, awarded by the rector, Juan Carlos Henao, in a special ceremony for all those associated with the project.

If you would like to be part of the 2020 first semester Conocer Dejando Huella Program, please register here.