“The Externado will always be a democratic beacon for this country”: Juan Carlos Henao

At a packed main auditorium, the Externado Rector and Faculty Deans initiated the event, offering a warm welcome to parents of new students, with the goal to bring families closer to our House of Studies.

With a spirit of affection and friendship, denoting the University’s desire to involve parents in the education processes of the young people just beginning their professional studies, the Externado de Colombia University offered a warm welcome to the families who accepted the invitation.

The event was headed by Rector Juan Carlos Henao, who highlighted the University’s academic level, having a high-quality accreditation, awarded by the Ministry of National Education, and backed by its 132 years of training integral professionals serving our country.

The Rector also emphasized the philosophy that characterizes our House of Studies: an open-door University, which promotes and practices freedom, encouraging self-criticism helpful to individual strengthening.

“We believe in tolerance and pluralism, dogmatism and exclusion,” he added.

Also, Dr. Henao mentioned the various activities offered by the University Well-Being Department, with the objective to provide students several options to make good use of their free time, with cultural and sporting events. He talked about the new spaces created for this purpose.

Rector Henao thanked the parents and ratified the University’s commitment to offering students continuous support.

“Thank you for choosing us; I am aware of the number of educational offerings available today, but at the same time, I am proud because I know you are making an excellent choice.”

Lastly, the Rector noted the transparency with which University resources are handled, geared to improving students’ quality of life and safety. In this regard, he alluded to the security monitoring programs in the campus and surrounding areas. Also, he talked about the free transportation routes available to students and employees of our House of Studies, to and from different points in the city, to ease the daily access to and from the University.

Additionally, the Rector proudly announced the upcoming inauguration of two new buildings, H and I, with ample space and first quality resources, in academic and student well-being terms.

At the conclusion, parents had the opportunity ask questions; also, they toured the campus and had a personal approach with the Faculty Deans.