Alumni Association 2020: The Externado Always With You

Solidarity, accompaniment, reflection, and union were the activity axes of the Alumni Association during 2020, aligned with the successful adaptation and flexibility process the University has experienced in the face of the current global contingency. We remain present and active to serve our beloved Externadista community.

Dear community:

This new situation, arising from the reality that surprised the world in early 2020, full of nuances and challenges, has stimulated the Association’s utmost interest to advocate for the benefit of Externadista graduates. With greater impetus than ever, we have taken up the challenges of serving all of you in these times.

And, with satisfaction, we must recognize that we were able to adapt to the conditions posed by the health situation and, especially, to virtuality, as the setting for the initiatives offered to remain active as a community. We thank all the Externadistas for the great reception of our proposals, as well as their outstanding participation.

In this vein, it is a pleasure to list some of the exciting aspects developed during this period:

  • We connected more than 1,700 Externadistas in Colombia and the world through the digital format on our website.
  • From our website, we kept the community informed about our activities and University news. We received more than 70,000 visits!
  • More content on our networks:
    Asoexalumnosuexternado, Twitter: AsoexalumnosUEx and LinkedIn: Grupo Cerrado Asociación Alumnos – U Externado, through which our members follow us constantly, participate, post information, and learn about our news and events.
  • We expanded the participation of our entire community of more than 17,000 members, with activities accessible by Externadistas in Colombia and the world.
  • Due to the pandemic, we publish and send messages of support to all alumni, expressing our closeness and support in these times. Emotional responses were received from many Externadistas.
  • We have 39agreements and alliances with recognized companies offering benefits to our members. Learn about them here.
  • We held, virtually, the Ordinary General Assembly of Presidents of the Chapters of the Association, a successful meeting attended by representatives of all chapters: Antioquia, Atlántico, Bogotá – Cundinamarca, Bolívar, Boyacá, Cesar, Córdoba, Magdalena, Meta, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Santander, Sucre, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Risaralda, and the Overseas Chapter.
  • We developed initiatives, campaigns, and virtual activities for graduates to be carried out safely from their homes.  More than 5,000Externadistas participated. Among them, the following stand out:
  1. Nine Employability and Professional Orientation workshops – with participation by more than 800 Externadistas.

  2. One hundredstudents, affected by the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic, identified by the University Well-Being, were sponsored by alumni through the calls “Help an Externadista” and “Externadistas Help Externadistas,” held in April and May 2020.
  3. “Externadistas take the Word”: Conferences and activities by Externadistas for community members on topics of interest in which our graduates are experts.
  4. A campaign designed together with our partner company EF – Education First – Consisting of a 4-week free virtual English course through the EF English Live  Approximately 2,000 members registered.
  5. “Ally of the Month”-Campaigns for benefits with our allied companies: – PasaLaPgina: $ 1,000 for your four favorite magazines, for 60 days.
    – Aldana and Morales, on behalf of Colsanitas: 100 spots for members to participate in the 10K Virtual Half Marathon, held between August 22 and 30, 2020.
    Kaplan International Languages: Webinar on Negotiation and Persuasion, in English.
    Ultrabox: International purchasing services: i) 15,000 voucher on the first shipment; ii) 100%Membership  discount; iii) Preferential rate
    Charlotte Meiers: i) Virtual chat on “The Ten Commandments for maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin.” ii) Discount on selected products, and iii) Free hydration session.
    – EF Education First, a recognized institute for English studies in Colombia and abroad: i) 4 talks to strengthen professional profile; ii) Free use of PE technological tool to measure English level.
  6. Strengthening the Network Associations of Uniandinos and Rosarista, and alumni offices of the Externado, EAN, Sergio Arboleda, CESA, and Javeriana universities. Development of two events with the participation of over 300members each:
  • Panel: Prospects of the labor market in times of crisis.
  • Conference “Emotions in times of crisis.”
  1. Spaces for courses offered by the University Interdisciplinary Studies Institute.
  2. Development of the virtual panel in which all the candidatesheading each of the four lists registered for the new University Board of Directors’ election participated. In this scenario, they presented their ideas and programs to the Association’s National Board of Directors. More than 100 alumni connected.
  3. Access to virtual cooking classes imparted by the Casa Externadista, organized by the Externado de Colombia University Human Resources Department within the program “Connect, Have Fun, and Learn as a Family.” A very successful entertainment initiative with large acceptance by the community and their families.
  4. The Association Board of Directors is made up of representatives of each of the University’s faculties, who draw the lines of action. This year, five sessionswere held – one face-to-face in February and the others virtually, where projects impacting the current situation were proposed, and also initiatives encompassing the interests of such a diverse community.
  • Communications with our native graduates’ community and residents of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, offering our solidarity and support to those affected by Hurricane Iota.

Dear Externadistas, we hope to continue, in 2021, with the remarkable support and encouragement of our beloved community. We are together, and that is very important!

We wish you a Merry Christmas surrounded by love and peace and a year 2021 full of well-being, hope, and optimism.


Edgardo José Maya Villazón
Alumni Association
Externado de Colombia University