Learn in the classroom and the neighborhood with the “Conocer dejando huella” program

About 20 students from different faculties have attended the training sessions for volunteers offered by the “Conocer dejando huella” (Learning while leaving a mark) project.  The initiative is part of the University’s outreach program carried out in the Egypt District as part of its social responsibility and allows students to learn in the classroom and the neighborhood.

In the first phase, every semester students are sensitized on the approach to vulnerable populations; empathy strategies are developed, as well as skills for shared or out-loud reading, and approach to reading, writing, and arts short-term projects. Special emphasis is made on how to learn? and how to teach?, as well as the guidelines for the work carried out in the Egypt District Library.

The “Conocer dejando huella” project consists of five initial weeks of learning experiences and approaches to the territory. The first week was shared with some of the members of Breaking Borders, one of the organizations resulting from the initial work carried out by our House of Studies with the District residents.

As known, there are several developments in the territory, and it is all about joint efforts; thus, about 20 volunteers, from virtually all the University faculties, have committed to work, during the entire semester, with the Egypt District community, especially the children attending the Library activities and the women of the “La Divina Providencia” Nursing Home.

The “Conocer dejando huella” volunteers, who meet every Tuesday night to develop and plan their activities, are an example of the willingness to break down barriers, show interest in learning from the District residents, and listen and share different experiences.

Field activities will begin the first week in March, in the afternoons; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Egypt District Library, and Thursdays, at the “La Divina Providencia” Nursing Home.

For those interested in joining this project, anytime is a good time to register. Throughout the semester you can join some specific activities and learn, through experience, how to be socially responsible.