290 grocery packs, delivered to our neighbors, with the contributions by Externado professors and administrators

As a result of the Externado Faculty Deans’ initiative - backed by the University Administration – requesting the teaching and administrative staff for monetary contributions to purchase groceries for the neighboring vulnerable families, 290 units were delivered between July 24 and 28, 2020.

The groceries were distributed by a group of Externado administrators, members of Our Lady of Egypt parish, led by pastor Víctor Hugo Claros, social leaders, and representatives of organizations and foundations that work with the Externado in the social, economic, and cultural development programs carried out in these neighborhoods.

Among the Externadistas participating were Social and Human Sciences professor, Bibiana Chiquillo; Elizabeth Pineda, Egypt site librarian, photographer Carolina Corredor; Jairo Vásquez, University Security Coordinator, and several security guards. Also, we had the support of the University’s Occupational Safety and Health Area.

The grocery goods delivery, requiring complex logistics, dedication, commitment to work with the community, as well as teamwork, also obtained the valuable support of the Mayor of La Candelaria (Mayor Angela Quiroga). She provided transportation and security services, by the police, for the participants.

Additionally, the program had the collaboration of Ricardo Barreto, an independent auditor, which is very important to guarantee the transparency of this entire process.

This groceries delivery was the first – another is planned in August, as well as digital resources for schoolchildren.  One was made in the Fátima district, located in Santa Fe, one of the Bogotá rural townships, and in the Egypt neighborhood as part of La Candelaria district.

The initiative to deliver these basic necessities packages is framed on the fact that the health emergency has brought significant challenges regarding food sustainability and the continuity of the educational processes of the most vulnerable populations.  The initiative is also in keeping with the Externado’s permanent commitment to our surrounding community, all within the principles of organic solidarity, social responsibility, and friendship with those who live a few steps from our House of Studies.