Externadistas se unen como voluntarios(as) al Lux non occidat

El Museo y Archivo Histórico del Externado consolidó su primer equipo de voluntarios(as), conformado por estudiantes del programa de Historia de nuestra Casa de Estudios. Los(as) jóvenes son los(as) encargados de brindar a los(as) visitantes del Museo la mejor experiencia.

Externado University journals go up a catrgory in the Colciencas Publindex

The final results of the Index of Specialist Scientific Journals-Publiindex 2021 were announced recently. On this occasion, the Journal of Private Law from the Department of Civil Law remained in Category A2, the Journal of State Law, published by the Department of Constitutional Law, remained in Category B, the Journal of Institutional Economics, also in Category B, and the Journal of Tourism and Society, published by the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Administration, in Category C.

Externado University and FILAC, united in research and support for indigenous peoples in Colombia

The Secretario General of the University, José Fernando Rubio, met with Gabriel Muyuy, the Technical Secretary of FILAC (the Fund for the Development of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean), to arrange the official handing over of several studies carried out by the Externado regarding the lives of indigenous peoples in the country, as these studies are related to the democratization of knowledge.

Externado research groups highlighted at the Ministry of Science

On the 25th of January the preliminary results of the National call for the recognition and control of research groups, technological development or innovation, and for the recognition of researchers from the National System for Science, Technology and Innovation – SNCTI 2021,were made known. Included in the list were 43 research groups from the Externado University.