Twente University Professor Visited Universidad Externado de Colombia

As part of the ‘Open Knowledge’ International Cycle of conferences, which is organised by the Faculty of Finance, Government, and International Relations (FIGRI), René Torenvlied, professor in the field of Public Administration at the University of Twente, Netherlands, visited our alma mater.

Externado Student: Awarded the ISF Grant – Scholarship to Sciences Pro Rennes

Sofía Lichilín Cabrera, a fifth semester student of the undergraduate degree in Government and International Relations of our Casa de Estudios (Alma Mater), was selected as one of the recipients of the ISF Grant – Scholarship to Sciences Po Rennes program.

Externado Continues to Strengthen its Working Relations with the Chinese Embassy in Colombia

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Lan Hu, invited the Rector of Universidad Externado de Colombia, Hector Parra Nieto, to a meeting at his home. The Dean of the Faculty of Finances, Government, and International Relations (Gonzalo Ordoñez) and Professor and Internationalist (Lina Luna) were also invited.