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Group classes

Each student must take a minimum of twelve hours, in other words, a week of classes. Each day there are three hour classes. For this reason, the courses must be paid in multiples of three. The more hours you pay the cheaper the course is.

The CEPEX offers in all its programs classes of 60 minutes, which optimize your value for money, as opposed to most language schools, which teach “academic hours” of 45 minutes.

For example

Total hours Total cost in pesos USD (approx)
12 $403.200 $205
21 $680.400 $340
42 $1.310.400 $655
60 $1.800.000 $900
72 $2.160.000 $1.100

Private classes

Price per hour: $101.800 (Ask for our packages and get discounts on the course rates)

Payment options:

  • Credit card: you can pay with a credit card at the university or you can pay with a credit card over the phone (from overseas or from Colombia)
  • Via cash deposit in Banco de Bogotá.
  • In cash: the payment must be made in Colombian pesos at the university.