Main Branch

The Universidad Externado de Colombia is located on the eastern edge of the Candelaria neighborhood in the city of Bogotá. It is located in the historical, political and cultural centre of Colombia, just at the foot of the “Cerro de Guadalupe” (Guadalupe Hill).

The campus covers an area of 65 square meters.

There are eleven blocks/buildings which all have modern facilities equipped for academic life. All of this surrounded by gardens and wooded areas for the enjoyment of the entire university community.

On the extreme north side of Bogotá, you will find the El Alcázar branch, which has 14 hectares that house multiple sport and classroom facilities in which cultural and academic activities can be carried out.

Building/Block A

Located in the North zone of the campus, Building A houses the majority of the administrative areas of the University. On the first floor located outside the building you will find the theater and the bookstore, where you can find the varied publications of Externado University.

In the basement you will find the medical attention area which is available to all students and workers together with psychology and the infirmary. On the same floor you can find the correspondence and copy centre along with an office of Aviatur (travel agency).

On the fourth level you will find the offices of the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations together with some administrative areas such as Human Resources, the Information Technology Office, the Financial Department and the Office of Admissions.

Building/Block E

Here you will find the General Library of the University which is not only open to the academic community but also to visitors from the country and world in accordance with the open-door policy of this Study House.

On the outside of this building you can appreciate 6 large gardens which hold part of the 40 thousand plants that adorn the campus and two terraces with spectacular views of the centre of Bogotá.


There are also a number of older buildings of the La Candelaria and Egipto neighborhoods that make up part of the physical facilities of the University. Among them, on the Carrera primera (street name) on what is known in the area as the “Calle de las Mandolinas” (Street of the Mandolins) you will find the CEPEX office. The address is Carrera 1N. 12-53 (2nd floor).