Diploma course in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language

The Spanish Centre for Foreigners (CEPEX) would like to invite all those interested in participating in this program, which will be developed and carried out virtually.

It is directed at people who wish to become professionals in the field of Professors of Spanish focusing on its linguistic, cultural and didactic aspects.

Next Academic Cycle: from February 8 to May 7 of 2022.

The Diploma course in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language—Online—offers theoretical and pedagogical tools to facilitate the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Additionally, in this training, concrete aspects will be reviewed such as grammar, didactics and intercultural aspects as a means of being able to adequately approach the role of teaching in front a classroom full of foreigners.

Participants will be prepared to respond efficiently to the high demand for the teaching/learning of the Spanish language here in our country as well as abroad. We have a group of professors that have broad experience in the area, all of them in a constant process of updating.

Thanks to technology, today with online education, we can reach beyond the limits of our university campus and reach not only our students who are outside Bogotá but also any person in any part of the world who wishes to explore this field.

Our study plan is comprised of materials which will be used as the core for teaching Spanish for those just starting out and also for those with more experience, it can be an opportunity to broaden and fine tune their knowledge.


Single payment of $1.480.000 Colombian Pesos (approximately 370 USD) for Externadistas or Externadista Alumni the cost is $1.380.000 (you must present your current student ID or alumni card.

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