How to register?

1. If you have never studied Spanish and you want to start taking the beginner course, fill out and submit the registration form.
You can download it here (30KB Word file).

2. If you have already some knowledge of Spanish language, complete the level test.

This short test provides us information on your current skill base to determine appropriate course placement.
You can download the test here (226KB Word file).

3.Book the course by sending us an email with the dates you want to take the course.

4. Choose the payment method that you prefer.

  • Via cash deposit in Bancode Bogota
  • Credit card: online or at the university.

The credit card payments can be made over the phone:

Dial 3420288, ext. 4119, with your credit card in hand. This option is better for students who have already some level of Spanish proficiency. If not, we recommend that they speak English very slowly and clearly.


You can study with a tourist visa as long as it has not expired. If you wish, you can change your tourist visa status to a student one. All you should do is to apply for a student visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores)

If you enter Colombia as a tourist, you can simply change this to a student visa once you´re in the country (You do not have to leave Colombia to make this change).

The Ministry will ask you for photocopies of your passport and other personal documents, as well as two types of certificates from the institution where you study. These certificates are:

1. The certificate proving the institute exists in a legal capacity.

2. A certificate / letter proving the student is registered with such institution.

The CEPEX provides you these certificates as soon as you have registered and paid your course fees.

For more information, visit: