The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidad Externado of Colombia is a young, Colombian and Latin American academic project, created for the training of competent researchers in the study and involvement in social reality and for projection into the future. It is firmly constituted on the solid basis of the mutually respectful dialogue of disciplines, as well as with other sciences, knowledge bases and techniques oriented toward social studies, not only from the Western perspectives but also delving into other logics and cultures, in order to renew epistemically humanistic and social studies

Its purpose is to create links between different fonts of knowledge and scientific applications, in order to renew and promote the study of social patterns. This is achieved effectively by running seven undergraduate programs, more than ten postgraduate programs in several diverse sectors of national and continental matter, and its doctoral program in social studies. More than 1000 students are currently guided in their research and interdisciplinary training by a team of more than 140 teachers and researchers.

Undergraduate programs:







Social Work

Graduate programs:

Family Studies

Population Studies

Social Enterprise Management

Territorial Planning & Population Dynamics

Territory Studies

Transdisciplinary in Sustainable Living Systems


Territory Studies

Human Development Management and Corporate Social Welfare

Methods of Demographic Analysis