About Bogotá

Bogotá is the sprawling capital of the Republic of Colombia. Located in the center of the country, it is in continuous expansion. It is one of South America’s metropolitan areas with the greatest growth; it has 7,881,156 inhabitants, including the immigrant community.

Due to its location within the intertropical confluence zone, Bogotá has two marked rainy seasons. The first part of the year, in March, April, and May, and then, in September, October, and November. However, the temperature varies consistently throughout the year.

Bogotá is the industrial and financial capital of the country; thus, attracting new foreign direct investment. The cultural wealth of this city, including recognized universities and international events, positions it as the main tourist destination in the country.

Country: Colombia

Capital: Bogotá

Official language: Spanish

Bogotá population: 7,881,156 people

Colombia population: 47,704,427 people

Time zone: COT (UTC-5)



Bogotá has a moderately cool climate; the average temperature is 14°C (58°F), but during the rainy season the cold weather is heightened, and in warmer periods the “feels like” temperature can reach 23°C (73°F) or more.

The humidity is approximately 80%, which usually is not perceived, as the wind gusts dry the capital’s atmosphere, especially in January, February, July, and August.

Although sudden changes of temperature usually occur in March, May, September, October, and November, these months also bring heavy rain. The rest of the time, rainfall is less. Occasionally, the city experiences torrential rains and downpours which, at times, are accompanied by hail.



The official currency of Colombia is the Peso ($). Foreign currency transactions should be made at licensed Money Exchange Houses, hotels, and banks.

Exchange Rate

The reference for exchange rate fluctuation is the US dollar. At Money Exchange Houses, located in different points of the city, visitors can buy or sell foreign currency, traveler’s checks, and send or withdraw international wire transfers.

Currency denominations: Coins: $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1000. Bills: $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and $50,000.


There is an automatic teller machine network throughout the city, available 24 hours a day, to check balances, make transfers, withdrawals, and obtain cash advances. International transactions may be made at Visa and Master Card ATMs.

Credit cards

International debit and credit cards are accepted by most large establishments, restaurants, and supermarkets.


Although there are two periods of marked rainy weather and irregular warm days in Bogotá, a temperate climate prevails. People can wear a comfortable shirt or blouse, together with a sweater, jacket, or coat. The use of scarves and umbrellas is commonplace.


Residential energy in Colombia is 110-volt AC 60 Hz (110V AC, 60 Hz). For industrial installations, it is 220 volts AC 60 Hz (220V AC, 60 Hz). Electrical plugs with two flat prongs or two flat and one round prong are used. Power adapters and voltage regulators are easily obtained.

• Domestic electricity: 110 volts AC 60 Hz (110V AC, 60 Hz).
• Industrial installations: 220 volt AC 60 Hz (220V AC, 60 Hz).

Plug A: Two flat prongs
Plug B: Two flat prongs and a round one