Entrepreneurship Summit: “Sharing the future of entrepreneurship”

The Externado School of Management and the Gimnasio Campestre Los Cerezos invite students from the member schools of the Asociación Andina de Colegios del Bachillerato Internacional - AACBI (Andean Association of International Baccalaureate Schools) - to participate in this event.

Marlene Díaz, director of ‘Emprende +,’ stated, “this summit aims to work with the international high-school program community to share experiences and  learn about entrepreneurship.

Who will participate?

Students from international baccalaureate schools, professors, and mentors from the Externado de Colombia University School of Management ‘Emprende +’ team, experts in different entrepreneurship topics and partners. The international academic community joins this third version.

What is the importance of having chairs and entrepreneurship activities at high-school age?

Government programs have encouraged entrepreneurial activity in the country, seeking to generate greater stability for companies.  Mindful of this, the Externado University, from the Emprende + entrepreneurship unit, is aware that it is easier to work entrepreneurship if our students, particularly those of the School of Management, arrive with training in the development of business ideas.

How can they participate?

Schools with International Baccalaureate are invited. The Gimnasio Los Cerezos, from the Force Business & Technology School, through the rectors or entrepreneurship units, issues a call to register for the event. This year, the theme will be “Sharing the Future of Entrepreneurship,” intending to contribute to the design of business ideas in a digital economy.

View the event schedule here