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The Masters in Business Internationalization is a unique and transformative experience that will prepare you to lead your company’s internationalization in the global environment and design, implement, and direct the consolidation or opening of new markets through foreign trade, investment, or other modalities.

The program offers solid International Senior Management training with a practical, flexible, and innovative approach.

What are the differentiators of the Masters in Business Internationalization?

  1. Participation in international environments

The Masters in Business Internationalization favors students’ participation in international environments through academic activities taught abroad and lectures by international professors in different modules.

Thanks to multiple academic cooperation agreements, students can participate in activities at universities such as ESADE, Polytechnic University of Valencia, and Carlos III University of Madrid, among others.

  1. Practical approach

The Master’s in Business Internationalization students, advised by expert professors, will be involved in developing an organization’s internationalization plan, whether it be the company they work with or another assigned by the program.

* The Plan Padrinos Internationalization program will be developed in the second year of the Master’s program and is part of the final degree work.

  1. Development of managerial skills for a global leader

Within the international business framework, managers need to develop skills and competencies such as leadership, cross-cultural, assertive communication, and teamwork to interact in global business world environments.

  1. Digital Business Training

Master in Business Internationalization students will have the ability to develop a digital strategy and advance their company’s digitization process. Also, they will acquire a global vision of the digital environment or prepare it to launch products and services at a global level, using the latest tools for positioning products in the international market.

  1. A legal perspective of international business

In addition to the economic and political elements necessary to do business globally, the program offers solid training in different Law fields, keys to managing risks, negotiating, drafting contracts, and resolving conflicts in international trade.

  1. International Business Management

International business management requires managers to develop specialized knowledge in marketing, finance, human resources, and logistics, among others, with a global focus on their content and methodologies.

  1. Academic excellence program

Students and graduates of the Masters in Business Internationalization will be able to participate in seminars and conferences at the best universities in the world, in recognition of good academic performance.

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