BSIEM begins, the only program in Colombia with social impact, imparted in three countries

The International Business with Social Impact in Emerging Markets (BSIEM) program will begin Monday, October 29, 2018. The program is the first in Colombia, carried out in three countries: Colombia, Brazil, and India.

“The primary objective is to promote the exchange of students and ideas among emerging economies schools, encouraging participants to redefine the way of doing business in the 21st century, benefiting not only the financial aspect but also the social and environmental. Additionally, it seeks to create an experiences environment where participants can share concerns, ideas, and create contacts networks, “said José Mosquera, Coordinator of the School of Management Emerging Market Initiatives (EMI).

The International Business with Social Impact in Emerging Markets (BSIEM) Program will develop an experiential learning experience where students from different countries will learn and face company challenges; each aligned with social impact aspects.

The first chapter begins at the Externado de Colombia University School of Management with the theme: Development of Base of the Pyramid Markets. There, the different groups will have the challenge of creating a proposal for a company wishing to introduce a new food product to a base of the pyramid sector.

After this challenge, the group will travel to the ISAE University in Curitiba, Brazil, where they will visit companies working with social innovation, methodologies, and applications in different sectors.

The last phase of BSIEM will be at the SPJIMR Institute, in Mumbai, India. There, the Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR) Week will be held, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also, the group will carry out visits and interviews with different employers in the Indian city, to understand how they connect, in practice, Social Responsibility and the SDGs.

“For us, as a School of Management, we are proud to create and participate in these types of programs helping to disseminate and share ideas on business with a new approach,” said Mosquera.

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