Knowing how to spot quality information in the dark world of fake news

The information age brought access to data allowing significant advances in various fields, as well as great challenges regarding the reliability and timeliness of information.

In May 2018, in Mexico, when Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, was questioned at a press conference with reporters from around the world about “Fake News,” he acknowledged it was a mistake to have underestimated the impact of false news.

The reply by the modern digital hero does nothing but reveal one of the problems that have raised questions by many professionals who need information to make decisions and differentiate themselves in a draconian competitive reality; what are the criteria to know what information is reliable? Is the information partial or does it hide a purpose? Whom do we believe?

We need Insights (better perceptions contributing to building trust) in our daily lives, at work and, often, when a good plan is designed. For today’s professional, it has become a necessity and, practically, a success competition, to obtain quality information. Marketing professionals who need to know the triggers or reasons why a consumer decides to buy or adopt a certain brand are required to develop skills to obtain correct, timely, and reliable information. In start-ups, the need is even greater because there is no room for errors in a limited resource area that seeks to innovate by identifying market opportunities.

Obtaining quality information is not a simple task; it requires a method. It requires knowing what information should be sought, how to obtain it to be reliable, and how to interpret it, among other key aspects.

It is researchers’ professional responsibility to give quality information, and also of users’ to demand that it be so. To accomplish this purpose, both must be trained.

The Certification in Insights for Decision Making, designed by the Externado de Colombia University and the Colombian Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Companies, seeks to train professionals in the design and use of market research as an indispensable tool for decision making, through knowledge of the methodologies and practices used today by the research industry in Colombia. At the same time, it is a way to answer the questions posed above.

The program is a unique opportunity to interact with top leaders in the Market Research Industry, taking advantage of the Externado University experience and track record. Professionals from well-known firms such as Nielsen, Market Team, BrandStrat, National Consulting Center, and Kantar form part of the teaching faculty; thus, making this program a certification adapted to reality, with the necessary theoretical and practical foundations.

By: Leandro Izquierdo A.