Foresight: a look into the future – Open registration

What is Foresight? It is a question that people often do not know the answer to, but its meaning is deeper than it seems.

Foresight consists of exploring, analyzing and imagining the future. It is the discipline that helps us answer the questions we ask ourselves every day.

Failure to prepare for the future is tantamount to living in the vagaries of economic, social and technological changes, instead of anticipating them before they occur. This is how organizations, companies or territories that want to be competitive act, because they make the future their best ally instead of being surprised by it.

Why should Foresight be studied?

The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight is a program designed to analyze and build the future of companies, territories and organizations in Latin America.

Consequently, its graduates are called to design the best options for competitiveness and development in long-term horizons, taking into account that the rules of the world have changed and that our country needs to prepare for the future in an innovative and creative way.

Dual degree option

Students of the Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight can have the option to do the double degree with the Master of Design and Innovation – Business & Strategic Design Lab¨ with the Instituto Europeo Di Desing de España (IED) – Título Propio.

The IED was founded in 1966 in Italy.  In Spain it is recognized as a Private Center for Higher Artistic Education in Design and offers Higher Degrees in Design and Master’s Degrees, recognized in the professional world.  The courses and training programs anticipate trends and represent a conceptual axis of innovation where a number of professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to combine and enrich areas and disciplines resulting in excellence.

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