International Program – Business with Social Impact in Emerging Economies

For the first time, a program offered in three countries by three of the best Business Administration schools comes to Colombia to recognize business dynamism in an emerging market of more than 1500 million people.

Are you prepared to deal with the new logic of global economic rearrangement?

The Business Administration Faculty PRIVILEGIOS (Privileges) program, within its activities promoting academic excellence recognition, invites graduate students to apply for a scholarship to the international course Business with Social Impact in Emerging Economies.

 The participating universities are:

 INDIA:S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research” SPJIMR, Bombay.

BRAZIL: “Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration and Education“- ISAE – Curitiba

COLOMBIA: Faculty of Business Administration, Externado de Colombia University, Bogotá

Why SPJIMR, India –

 The University S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is one of the best universities in India.

SPJIMR develops concepts according to which people need to build the accurate combination between concern for their own well-being and that of society.  Therefore, the Institute encourages the development of a cooperative perspective recognizing the value of sharing and mutual respect. This concept is emphasized in the curriculum through hands-on experiential learning, as well as by example.

 Why ISAE, Brazil –

Brazil, like Colombia, is an emerging economy in Latin America. For this reason, the guidelines governing ISAE, such as sustainability, ethics, governance, leadership, business initiative and innovation, and all its strategies, are based on these principles, which are the core of corporate intelligence. Consequently, they are fully integrated into the institution’s management and study plan.

 Why the Externado de Colombia

The Externado de Colombia University, third in Colombia, according to the QS Rankings, and its Business Administration Faculty, have worked for over 20 years on social impact issues. One of its main objectives is to train comprehensive, strategic managers, with a high social sense.

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