For the fourth consecutive year, School of Management students obtain international recognition

Two Externado School of Management graduate students were awarded the Flourish Prize for their innovative proposal: 100 percent biodegradable and marine-friendly ecosystem packaging, made with cassava starch.

Aim2Floruish is a global initiative aiming to recognize and disseminate innovative businesses aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives – SDGs-. The initiative, promoted by Case Western Reserve University and the Principles of Responsible Management Education – PRME of the United Nations Global Compact, seeks to inspire responsible leadership in business students around the world.

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Students Diego Mauricio Vega and Laura Ángel of the Externado de Colombia University School of Management’s 22nd Specialization in Management and Information Technologies were awarded the Flourish Prize for the innovation case “NatPacking Colombia – @” of the Colombian company Acelflex SAS.

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This innovation, the first brand 100 percent organic, biodegradable, and ‘compostable’ packaging in Latin America, received the award for its contribution to SDG 14, Life Below Water. Natpacking brand bags degrade in a maximum of 180 days, compared to plastics made of polyethylene that take about 4 centuries to degrade fully. Insects, snails, small fish, and microorganisms can consume this material without problems because its origin is 100 percent vegetable, as it comes from cassava starch.

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This case was selected from a total of 820 published worldwide, in 2019, from 35 universities in 17 countries. Forty-two different countries tutored the students preparing the cases, and the stories of the companies published came from 22 countries and 20 industries.

We extend our congratulations and appreciation to Giovanni Pérez Vargas, General Manager of Acelflex, and his entire team for contributing, decidedly, through his business, to build a better world.  We also congratulate our students Diego Mauricio Vega and Laura Ángel, and Professor Gustavo Yepes López for leaving the name of our country on a high note, demonstrating how the academia and the productive sector can work hand in hand.

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