New Master’s in Business Internationalization

The program is a different training experience, allowing undertaking and consolidating a global strategy for your company.

The Externado de Colombia University School of Management introduces its Master’s in Business Internationalization (MIE). It is a program focused on training professionals with the capacity to lead successful internationalization business processes, through foreign trade or different types of alliances and international investment.

For Professor César Ortiz, the program director, the main characteristic of the program is its practical approach. Students will face the development of a company’s internationalization plan, with the advice of expert teachers, either in the company for which they work or in another designated one.

Secondly, the MIE promotes students’ participation in international environments, through courses taught abroad, and also, participation by international professors in different modules.

Today, business operations, at the international level, demand being very well informed of the environmental conditions in which companies operate. In this sense, for Ortiz, the program’s third attribute is the solid training in topics relating to regulatory frameworks, geopolitical contexts, and international economic environments. That is, the program provides comprehensive training, including areas of Law, Political Science, and Economics, fundamental for the understanding of international business today.

Fourth, beyond the environment conditions, it is very important to develop in students a series of management skills and technical knowledge in the different operational areas of the company; thus, allowing them to make strategic decisions in global environments. Therefore, Director Ortiz emphasizes that the program devotes much of its courses to distinctly managerial topics, focused on the development of competences, such as intercultural management, communication, negotiation, leadership, and teamwork. Also, it focuses on topics specific to international management, such as marketing, finance, human resources, and logistics, among others, with a global focus in its contents and methodologies.

Another characteristic element of the program is the training in Digital Business, which will allow students to develop a digital strategy and advance their company’s digitization process, acquire a global vision of the digital environment, or prepare it for the launching of products and services at a global level, through the use of the latest tools for positioning products in the international market.

As members of the School of Management, students will have access to the Privileges Program, which provides opportunities to attend academic missions, free certifications, seminars, and conferences at the best universities around the world.

All of the program’s distinctive features are developed with a practical, flexible, and innovative approach, over four (4) academic periods,  two face-to-face held in Bogotá, for a total of 60 equivalent credits at the International level.

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