Improve your verbal communication skills with TEDxUExternado

The global event bringing together diverse entrepreneurs and thinkers to address and share ideas that transform the world will be at the Externado to train undergraduate students in public speaking.

Registration is open for “TEDxUExternado Academy,” a free space for verbal communication training, especially suited from TED talks, offered by experts in the field.

This global format, which schools and universities have adopted as an educational tool to promote debate, is characterized by assembling various entrepreneurs and thinkers to present “ideas worth spreading.”

Thus, through 10 training sessions with experts, undergraduate students can develop public speaking skills and learn how to convey their ideas assertively.

The talks will begin Saturday, March 18, 2017, through Saturday, May 27, 2017. Each two-hour session will be held from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

To register, click on the following link: