Masters in Sports Communication and Management

Registration is now open for the second edition of this graduate program.

Why a Master’s in Sports Communication and Management?

The first program in Colombia that combines communication, management, and sports, seeks to respond to the training needs in high-quality competitions currently demanded by the Colombian sports system.

Three essential components comprise the theoretical foundation of the Masters in Sports Communication and Management program:

1. Sports – as a complex cultural phenomenon, the product of a network of morphological, physiological, psychological, social, political, economic, and cultural contexts.

2. Sports Communication – as a specialized branch of information and journalism.

3. Sports Management – as a particular focus of study from economics and administration.

Graduates of the Masters in Sports Communication and Management will be able to perform as:

· Journalists specialized in narration, commentary, analysis, and opinion on competitive sports.

· Directors and editors of communication media specialized in sports activity in public or private entities.

· Press officers for teams, athletes, or sports sponsors.

· Manager, representative, and promoter of athletes and sporting events.

· Sports managers in sports clubs, leagues, federations, social clubs, compensation funds, or companies with sports and recreation departments.

· Sports marketing managers or media specialized in sports information.

· Consultants and advisers to NGOs and foundations interested in promoting values and principles associated with physical activity or public policies to support and promote recreation and sports.

· Professors and researchers in the field of sports culture.

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