Master’s Degree in Sports Communication and Management welcomes its second cohort

With a lunch at Casa Externadista, the faculties of Social Communication - Journalism and Business Administration gave a warm welcome to the students who make up the second cohort of the Master's Degree in Sports Communication and Management, a pioneering postgraduate program in Colombia that brings together communication, management and sports.

The event was attended by the Dean of the School of Social Communication – Journalism, Luz Amalia Camacho; the Dean of the School of Business Administration, Alejandro Beltrán Duque; the director of the Master’s program, Germán Arango; the Administrative Coordinator of Graduate Studies of Social Communication – Journalism, Esperanza Jaramillo; among other directors of both schools.

In the words of Germán Arango, “it is very exciting to open a program like this with such interesting, interdisciplinary and heterogeneous profiles as yours. Let us not forget that we are training as agents of change, to transform society and transform organizations, and that is our main challenge as Universidad Externado”.

For her part, Dean Luz Amalia Camacho said: “For us this day is very important because this is the reality of education today: an education and training between two faculties that are adding disciplines, that are adding fields, and this is the logic of the new professional that the environment is demanding. For us it is to see communication flourishing in dialogue with these other disciplines”.

For Dean Alejandro Beltrán, “these are the new programs that you are beginning to find that depart from the traditional, but that represent the adaptation to the new conditions of what is happening in the world, and there, these three disciplines: sports, administration and communication, find a common space in this program”. And he added: “You are going to have very good professors, but you are also going to have a wide range of opportunities within the faculties aimed at you to complement your training. That is what complements an environment like the Universidad Externado, which is not limited to the curriculum, nor to the comprehensive training in a discipline, but also emphasizes other elements that I hope you will enjoy throughout the program”.

The students had their first class with Colombian researcher and trainer, Freddy Amazo, on the history and anthropology of sports.

The Master’s Degree in Sports Communication and Management seeks to respond to the needs for training in high quality competencies that the Colombian sports system currently demands. The program aims to promote a holistic understanding of the practice of sport in postmodern society, as a multicultural phenomenon that transcends the spectacular, the competitive result and its media diffusion.

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