History, mission, structure

The School of Management opened its doors in 1965, first offering only a 2-year practical degree. In 1967, the School received authorization to offer a professional program in Administration. Five years later the School awarded its first undergraduate degree.

The School of Management has since expanded to include seven master’s degrees, a new PhD program, and executive education programs in addition to its many other activities. School of Management programs are characterized for being up-to-date, pertinent, and of high quality.  The School of Management´s research projects and its strong relationship with the business environment reinforce the academic superiority and the contextualization of its programs. With 50 years of tradition, the School of Management is committed to the integral formation of administrators capable of taking on the challenges of the 21st century.

The School of Management has more than 600 active undergraduate students and 1,600 students in the master’s and executive education programs. The undergraduate program has 5400 graduates, and the master’s and executive education programs have approximately 6000 graduates. These students and alumni successfully perform directive, executive, and entrepreneurial roles. Alumni are recognized in their fields for their excellent academic formation, human quality, and ethics of service and commitment to their country.

Through all of its Research, Education, and Extension activities, the School of Management focuses on Educating leaders for a sustainable world.

This goal is supported by the strategic plan of the School of Management and by all endeavors undertaken by its staff.

Previous Deans

The School of Management’s long history recognizes the commitment of the Deans who from the beginning, have supported the education of the managers of tomorrow:

 Our Deans
Alejandro Beltrán Duque 2008- Now
Diana Cabrera de Peñaloza 1994- 2007
Fabio Acosta Parra 1992-1994
Carlos Peñaloza Martínez 1990-1992
Gabriel Turbay Marulanda 1988-1989
Rosa Bernal Caicedo 1986-1988
Enrique Peñalosa Londoño 1985-1986
Alonso Villa Arcila 1985
Enrique Low Murtra † 1979-1984
Antonio Hernández Gamarra 1974-1979
Enrique Low Murtra † 1972-1974
Omar Botero Páramo 1972
Raúl Carrera Lastra 1971
Julio Acebedo Diaz 1965-1970


  • Mission

We educate agents of change in managerial abilities to enable organizations to contribute to sustainable development within emerging economies.

  • Structure

The School of Management designed its structure to support its strategic vision and the academic project. The School offers one undergraduate program, eight master’s programs, and a new PhD program in addition to its other activities in the business field. In order to realize the connection between teaching, research, and extension activities, the School is divided into academic Centers and administrative Directorates.

The academic division includes 6 centers and one observatory which promote research in the School. The academic Centers are organized to focus their research on current topics in management and business, which then forms the basis for the curriculum in all School programs. The Centers each manage a master’s program. There are also separate departments for the two largest programs at the School, the undergraduate and the MBA.