“Recently, one of my biggest dreams came true: being the winner of an academic excellence trip”

A short time ago, the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference was held in Boston, United States. The encounter, held since 2000, seeks to strengthen the role of women in the business world.

Four different-level undergraduate Business Administration students shared discussion spaces with more than one hundred women from other countries. They laughed, exchanged phone numbers, challenged themselves out of their comfort zones, and created new contact networks.

“This experience changed my life plans, as unlike before, I now have a more global perspective of the business world along with the existing employment and professional opportunities,” said Mariana Ramírez, eighth-semester Business Administration student.

“The first day of the Conference was wonderful; every moment, every word by the speakers was extremely rewarding for me. I identified with these people, knowing they began with only a dream to reach their professional goals is very enriching and fills me with passion; fills me with love for what I am doing. My efforts make me very proud. They are a reminder that everything is worthwhile and that one has to dream big to be great,” said Karen Claros, second- semester Business Administration student. 

Dreams fulfilled

The Externado Business Administration Faculty, within the framework of the academic excellence program Privilegios(Privileges), awards undergraduate and graduate students academic scholarships for courses and events around the world.

Mariana Ramírez, Karen Claros, Jinneth Dallos, and Mariana Buitrago, were the undergraduate students who, for their academic performance, were selected this year to attend one of the most important events for women.

“It all started when the Faculty called to give me the delightful news that I had won an excellence scholarship to go to the great city of Boston to attend a Conference for women, organized by one of the most renowned universities in the world: Harvard. Never before had my efforts been awarded an opportunity such as the one the Faculty was offering me,” said Karen Claros.

“Recently, one of my biggest dreams came true: being the winner of an academic excellence trip, and represent the Faculty at the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference, in Boston,” stated Mariana Ramírez.

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