“It was a unique opportunity, allowing to expand my vision on entrepreneurship and innovation.” – Chile Mission Student

A group of undergraduate Business Administration students traveled to Santiago de Chile to carry out the Study Tour: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, developed within the Academic Excellence Program.

“Thanks to the support from the Business Administration Faculty, participants in the Mission had a great experience which helped us understand a topic that today is crucial for companies, innovation,” said Silvana Chávez on behalf of some of the students taking part in the academic journey.

learned about innovations and ventures generated in the South American country.

“It was an exceptional opportunity, allowing to expand my vision on entrepreneurship and innovation within the Latin American economies; and also, how to face the new challenges arising in our country, always with commitment, dedication, and, above all, creativity,” said Sebastián Leyva, one of the participants of the Academic Mission.

Why a mission to Chile?

Chile has stood out in the Latin American context by being one of the first economies opening its doors to the world, with sustained growth and diversification of their exports of goods and services. Its economic model, open and stable, has placed the country in the top spots in various economic rankings.

Also, Chile excels for its high level of education and the training of excellent professionals, as well as its territory of great cultural diversity.

Academic Excellence Program

The Academic Excellence Program offers students different academic scholarships for traveling around the world or attending conferences by recognized business personalities.

“I want to thank the Faculty for giving me this opportunity. No doubt this experience will strengthen my professional development and give me a broader view of the world through a culture quite different from the Colombian, but one that is very diverse and enriching,” added Leyva.

In this way, students with outstanding academic averages have the opportunity to learn about other cultures that help strengthen their skills.

“This opportunity, provided by the Externado de Colombia and the University of Chile, not only allowed us to learn about the economic model of the city of Santiago of Chile but also gave us the opportunity to learn about the culture, which plays a fundamental role in each person and enterprises,” said Chavez.