School of Management accepted to the Hult Prize Challenge

This year, the Externado academic unit was accepted to participate with the project Emprende+.

The Hult Prize is the world’s largest student platform generating world leaders for social development. Every year, a challenge is held together with the United Nations and former President Bill Clinton, drawing students from more than 120 countries, to resolve a pressing issue.

To be selected, all interested must nominate an active undergraduate student who must demonstrate the Business School to which they belong has an entrepreneurship program able to generate capacities and empower students to manage, a minimum of 15 entrepreneurship projects, with a designed challenge promoting Sustainable Development  Objectives and social impact.

On this occasion, Luigi Caroli, seventh- semester Externado School of Management student was selected to apply to the Challenge with his program “Emprende+” which he will direct within the Hult Prize competition.

Caroli will represent the University together with other sixth-semester undergraduate students who, from the Business Workshop, have the objective to develop business ideas contributing to the country’s development.

“It is not easy to be selected to this platform, as it competes with the best Management Schools in the world. Therefore, the mere fact of having been classified gives status to the University and our School,” said Gloria Marlene Díaz, Coordinator of the School of Management Research and Development, Entrepreneurship area.

Once the works are submitted, the award is presented to the best social impact project and the best director, which will compete with the most outstanding project of each of the participating Universities.

The acceptance for entering the competition was received August 13, 2018, and the challenge will be presented to the juries before December 17, 2018.

“In addition to competing, just the fact of being selected confirms we have an entrepreneurship program eligible to compete at the global level. On the other hand, the contest allows us to measure the ability of our students on aspects such as proposal, relevance, business management competencies, applied innovation management, and change management, to mention the most relevant,” added Díaz.

Participating in this competition places our School of Management on the best universities level and offers the opportunity to publicize our House of Studies. Additionally, it becomes a provider of learning methodologies.

Also, this opportunity affords students the experience of posing enterprises understanding the realities of the country and the world, requiring innovative proposals, improving life projects and eliminating environmental impact. “These events directly impact student competencies (cognitive, communicative, contextual, evaluative, research, and the use of another language),” stated the Coordinator.