Externadistas expand their business knowledge in Minnesota, United States

Undergraduate Business Administration students visited St. Cloud State University, in Minnesota, United States, during an academic mission.

With the goal to learn about best practices in business innovation, a group of 20 Business Administration undergraduate students traveled to St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, United States, within the framework of the academic program “Doing Business in the USA.”

There, the students exchanged valuable information on U.S. companies and their executives and explored the trade potential between Minnesota and Colombia.

They also studied how capital markets and laws are configured to encourage innovation and best industry practices, as well as the support afforded to small businesses in the region.

The academic mission included visits to local businesses, seminars, workshops, and cultural activities, to understand how business is conducted in the North American country.

For Pablo Galeano, one of the students, one of the most important experiences for a student is to make academic missions, no matter to what part of the world:

“The essential thing is to come out of the bubble in which we are and travel throughout the world. One cannot ask for a better opportunity than to go to a business example country, such as the United States, and participate in a week full of activities. We must dare to live new experiences,” he concluded.